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The Gareth and BillCast

This is the Billcast - sounds from Bill Thompson

Jun 25, 2006

In our first episode we hear from Rowan Pelling about the erotic film season, and find out where you can watch cinema in the open air during the festival,

Festival Programme

Jun 21, 2006

The full Festival programme for 2006 will be available online from Friday 23rd June. Booking opens for Picturehouse members on Monday 26th June, and to non-members on Thursday 29th June.
We'll publish our first full podcast here over the weekend, and during the festival we'll publish every day with reviews,...

A load of cock and bull

Jun 21, 2006

The Festival is hosting a magical pre-launch event on Tuesday 4th July.

Watch A COCK AND BULL STORY with its stars on the Festival’s giant inflatable screen in the picturesque grounds of The National Trust’s Felbrigg Hall, near Cromer.

Tickets £10, available from the Arts Picturehouse, 08707 55 12 42

Jun 19, 2006

This year's Cambridge Film Festival will run from July 6-16th,  with a daily podcast to bring you news, views, reviews, interviews and even some things that don't rhyme with 'new'... watch this RSS feed, subscribe via iTunes or Yahoo!, and get the Festival podcast every day.

TTP Group

Jun 18, 2006

The Festival podcast is sponsored by TTP Group.