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The Gareth and BillCast

This is the Billcast - sounds from Bill Thompson

Jul 5, 2006

To accompany the retrospective of his films at this year's Festival, and in advance of his video Q&A at the Picturehouse on the evening of July 14th, director and photographer Bruce Weber has made a short film just for the Festival.

We are proud to present 'you feel me?'

almost eighteen years ago

Hi, finally got around to watching this vodcast, I had to use an Mac to watch it as my lousy PC wouldn\'t decode it without me jumping through hoops.

Anyway, many thanks to Bruce Weber for this short, but very involving film from Detroit about a young man. I won\'t spoil it for those who\'ve not seen it. Also many thanks for the interesting experience of the video hook-up with Bruce after \"Let\'s Get Lost\", I really enjoyed that film! It\'s great to see an artist who appears to have total creative freedom, also interesting to note that he was given a big break by Diane Arbus, a lady whose work I got to see at an exhibition quite recently. I wasn\'t aware of the link between the two people before the film festival...